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Puget Sound IT Consulting is a recognized and award-winning digital PR and communications agency. We excel in getting media placements, building personal brands, and crafting marketing strategies. Our team works with successful entrepreneurs, influencers, and well-established companies to increase their media visibility, strengthen their brand, and grow their business.

Our expertise lies in securing features for our clients in prominent publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Business Insider, International Business Times, and Nasdaq, to name a few. Our comprehensive services encompass media placements, contributor roles, TV interviews, and beyond. Leveraging our team’s exceptional skills and a history of successful outcomes, we guarantee extensive exposure for our clients’ messages.


Why Use Our PR Services?

Learn How to Leverage Compelling Social Proof for Sales

You will gain an understanding of the precise strategies used by top industry leaders to leverage public relations as their most powerful tool. You’ll gain insights into how to jump the queue and start benefiting from the significant advantages that press coverage offers, just as prominent figures in the industry do.

Crisis Management and Reputation Control

Your public relations services are essential for effective crisis management and reputation control. In a fast-paced digital world, our expertise helps clients navigate through tough situations, respond to negative press effectively, and maintain a positive public image, ensuring resilience and strength in their brand’s perception, even during challenging times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this service for?
Our services are primarily tailored for entrepreneurs and executives, but they're beneficial to anyone aiming to enhance their brand and maintain a consistent media presence. Staying relevant in the media is key to staying relevant in today's fast-paced world.
Why is your approach more effective?
Our agency offers personalized plans that are uniquely tailored to your needs. We expertly control your narrative, ensuring guaranteed media placements at a reduced cost, and deliver swift results.
What is the average return on investment?
Becoming a credible, trusted authority in your industry can unlock doors and create opportunities that pave the way for your success. We strategically position you to command higher compensation, leveraging the credibility and stellar reputation attached to your name. In today's world, a strong reputation is invaluable.
What are some of the publications we can be featured in?
We collaborate with hundreds of leading publications, ranging from top-tier outlets like The LA Times, Men's Journal, US Weekly, Geekwire, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo News, and Bloomberg, to numerous respected mid-tier publications.